Siblings' 'twisted' card game now delights families everywhere

You know those really awkward moments in life: like when you're watching TV with your parents and a sex scene comes on. Or when you accidentally swing your hand into someone's crotch. Those are the moments that make Jill Ramsey and Jane Bennett laugh. 

They are the kinds of moments they put into their new game called "Socially Twisted." They guarantee you'll have fun. 

"You will literally laugh out loud before you even start the game," Ramsey promised.

Her family has always enjoyed game nights. When she was growing up in the 1970s, they played everything from "Candy Land" to "Monopoly." But as they got older and moved to different cities, life got in the way. 

Ramsey and her brother came up with a game they played over the phone. As time went on, their game got put on the back burner until Ramsey met Bennett in Sarasota. 

Bennett has a marketing background and wanted to see the game come to life. The pandemic actually helped. 

"The pandemic accelerated this. We were working with app developers pre-pandemic, they gave us a call when they got shut down and said ‘Where are you in developing because we have time?'" said Ramsey. 

Now "Socially Twisted" is being sold on Amazon. 

"Our goal is to have the original game in Australia, Canada, the UK and the United States," says Bennett.

The game involves cards with different scenarios and words to help you make up a twisted story. But it's not all about adult humor.

A family pack is coming soon and some teachers say it's something they'd like to see in the classroom. 

"It's great for language arts to have kids learning while laughing and increasing vocabulary and skills in language is an amazing thing," Ramsey said.   

There is also a "Socially Twisted" app that lets you videotape the crazy story you create with the game cards and send to friends and family.

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