Farmer encourages kids to 'pig out on reading' with his pig and pugs

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None of the preschoolers at Primrose School in South Tampa thought that reading was a bore this week.... or should we say boar?

Actually, these "Sowth" Tampa kids got to "pig out" on reading thanks to Farmer Paul Minor and his pet potbellied pig Daisy.

Farmer Minor travels the U.S. promoting reading, and he's always accompanied by Daisy. It's her job to help keep the kids' attention as he reads fantastic stories from picture books dressed in his farm overalls.

"One of my goals every day is to get smiles on these kids’ faces," said Farmer Minor.

The Primrose Preschoolers sang songs, learned about pigs and got to pet and hug Daisy if they wanted.

Farmer Minor and Daisy have been touring the country teaching reading for nearly two decades. In fact, this Daisy is the second potbellied pig to join Farmer Minor on his journey after the original Daisy passed away in 2009.