'Felon' who taunted deputies on Facebook has been arrested

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He may have had the first laugh, but it looks like the Polk County Sheriff’s Office- and specifically Sheriff Grady Judd- will have the last.

Logan Hale, the man accused of taunting deputies on Facebook, was busted Thursday- nearly a week after they issued a warrant for his arrest.

Last Friday, Hale’s picture was posted on the Polk County Sheriff’s Facebook page along with the caption “#FridayFelons”, and info on his suspected crimes.

Within a couple of hours, Hale sarcastically replied to their post saying “Lol can’t hurt much now…..”, and then later, “HELLO here I am……”

The taunts continued over the week as he remained at large.

“Deputies continue to look for me but Are frustrated that I am unable to be located….”, he wrote.

He’d even changed his profile name to “Logan Finallyfree Hale”.

The PCSO page did respond, saying he’d end up back in jail, and Thursday, they delivered on that promise. Two deputies on patrol spotted him in a car in Lakeland, so they pulled him over and locked him up.

After his arrest, Sheriff Grady Judd took to Twitter to comment on the arrest.

Along with a photo of Hale in cuffs, Sheriff Judd wrote, “Logan Hale, you are on your way to jail. Your attempts to hide were of no avail. Epic fail."