Feral hogs tear up lawns in Orange County, concerning neighbors

A suburb of Orlando has gone hog wild. A team of feral pigs has taken over Beacon Park, south of Orlando International Airport.

"Yeah, it's insane," says Krystle McCoy. 

She first caught video of the pigs back in March as she was driving. It wasn't until months later that she realized the animals were about to be causing big issues in her neighborhood. McCoy explains that at first, it was just a few of the hogs, but now piglets have joined.

She shared photos with FOX 35 showing the front yard torn up, and sod completely destroyed.

"They’re digging for worms, and this is kind of cleaned up a little bit, but it speaks to the amount of damage they are causing," McCoy said. "I am truly concerned that someone’s gonna get hurt or worse."

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According to Orange County deputies, the responsibility to get rid of the pigs falls onto the HOA. FOX 35 reached out to board members Tuesday evening but has not heard back.

However, in a public post, the Beacon Park Community Orlando Facebook Page shared this statement:

"Thank you for informing. The wooded area is they (sic) are coming from by that pond is Greenway. They have placed trappers but it will take time because there is a lot of migrating this way due to construction on Weatherbee. Wildlife has also been contacted. Please everyone stay away. Wildlife is predominately in our area due to a big wooded conservation around us."

In a separate video shared with FOX 35, Jocelyn Magsakay and her family captured a team of hogs outside of their home on the sidewalk, it was during the night. 

Several other neighbors have also shared videos and pictures, many having similar issues with the wild animals.