'Fight for $15' minimum wage protests underway in Tampa

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Employees made their voices heard Tuesday morning as part of the "Fight for $15" minimum wage protests. 

About 100 people stood outside the McDonald's at 1908 E. Hillsborough Avenue, holding banners and signs and demanding that the minimum wage be raised to 15 dollars an hour. 

While the group of peaceful protesters did walk on private property owned by McDonald's, police told FOX 13 that they saw no need to make any arrests. 

The group of protesters left the McDonald's and will be moving on to two other locations in Tampa to continue making their voices heard. 

McDonald's Corporation released a statement in response to the minimum wage demands and "Fight for 15" protests:

"We take seriously our role in helping strengthen communities as we and our franchisees separately employ hundreds of thousands of people, providing many with their very first job. In addition we offer McDonald's employees the opportunity to develop the valuable skills necessary to build successful careers even beyond our restaurants. And because so many are just starting out in their careers, we invest in Archways to Opportunity, a set of programs for everyone that provides free high school completion courses and college tuition assistance so they can work toward earning a high school diploma or a college degree." - Terri Hickey, a spokesperson for McDonald's.