Fivay HS janitor accused of sending nudes to student

Fivay High School janitor Alex Baldwin is facing serious charges.  He's accused of sending explicit pictures of himself to an underage female student.

"An adult sending nude pics of himself to a juvenile is just stupid," said Linda Cobbe, spokesperson for the district.

Baldwin, 24, is accused of sending five nude images of himself to a 17 year old between July and September.
A parent of the teen's friend tipped off the district.  Officials say Baldwin had no history of such actions.

"We have level two background checks - statewide and nationwide FBI level fingerprinting.  Any previous record he had would've come to light, and he wouldn't have been hired," said Cobbe.

Baldwin resigned late last month, and officials say he's admitted to the crime.

Students tell Fox 13 they never had any reason to suspect anything like that was going on.

"It is shocking because i had no idea," said sophomore Kirbea Harrell.

"It is kind of weird too, because you never think your janitor would do that to kids here," said sophomore Danielle O'Keefe.

Baldwin was alleged to be using the Facebook Messenger app to communicate and send the pictures.  Deputies with Pasco County say parents need to stay on top of their kids' social media.

"If they aren't willing to give you their password maybe something is up; maybe you need to look into it further," said Pasco Sheriff's office spokesperson Eddie Daniels Jr.

Baldwin is out of jail on $5,000 bond.  Deputies don't believe there are any other victims, but they are still investigating the case.