Flooding cleanup begins in Manatee County

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Tuesday marked the first full day of cleanup for flood victims in Manatee County.

At the Centre Lake subdivision in Bradenton, floodwater crept into 60 some homes and 50 people had to be rescued Sunday morning.

The water was gone by Tuesday morning, allowing dozens of families to return and get a full picture of the damage.

Water restoration crews were arriving as people decided what could be saved, and what needed to be thrown away.

Gilbert Valero had just remodeled his home.  He’s coming to grips with losing nearly everything, on top of caring for a new born.

“Everything is gone,” Valero said.  “My wife, she’s having a really hard time, so yeah – It’s rough.”

Many like Valero are in limbo at the mercy of insurance companies, he can’t get an adjuster to his home until Friday.