Flooding damages dozens of cars parked at Vinoy Renaissance

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Dozens of cars took on water inside the Vinoy Renaissance Marriott hotel’s valet parking Thursday.

Nearly the entire first floor was flooded, with water still at least knee-deep after 9:30 p.m.

Videos recorded by AccuWeather's Jonathan Petramala show half-submerged cars parked under the downtown hotel. A couple of vehicles were temporarily disabled at the top of the ramp driveway as water rushed down to the parking area.

People who own the cars trapped under the hotel were upset to realize flooding was possible in that spot. Now they wonder if there was some type of failure in the stormwater system.

Hours after the rain moved through, water was still up to the car windows in some spots.

A group traveling from North Carolina said they could not understand how an afternoon storm could make such a mess.

“It’s just frustrating because we’re supposed to go tomorrow, leave for a 10-day vacation in Sanibel Island, so now we’re stuck. We don’t know what’s going on,” said Randy Welch, whose rental car was flooded.

The hotel’s general manager said the situation was being evaluated. However, with water still standing after nightfall, most of the cars will likely have permanent damage.