Floors buckle as depression forms under Lutz home

It's news no homeowner wants to hear, but Emergency Management Director Andrew Fossa says the homeowners on Willow Lake Drive in Lutz heard a lot more before calling 911 Friday night. 

"The residents here were in their living room watching TV and they started hearing some popping noises," Fossa explained. "They went ahead and called 911 and Pasco County Fire Rescue responded." 

Crews evacuated the family from the house Friday night after finding several tiles and screws loosening from the floor and ceiling, but the resident returned Saturday morning with Emergency Management officials to collect what belongings they could. 

"Currently the residents have been allowed to return to the house to gather some more belongings with our presence here," Fossa explained. 

The depression is partially covered by the home's foundation, but orange tape pinpoints its location from the outside. 

County records show two homes in the neighborhood with reported sinkhole activity dating back to 2013 and 2015.

Fossa says neighbors shouldn't panic, but since they're living in Pasco County they should always be prepared. 

"There are five lakes in this area that are all connected to Lake Padgett," said Fossa. "So there is water movement underneath the ground through here because of those lakes being connected."

The family that was forced out of their house is receiving assistance from The Red Cross, but Fossa says they'll still shaken.

"The family seems to be doing a little bit better but you can tell they're still very distraught about this because they don't know what's going to happen with their house," he said.

Since the depression opened on private property the family will move forward with their insurance company to make necessary repairs.