Florida dog goes viral after receiving flowers

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A 10-year-old English Bulldog has turned into an internet sensation overnight -- all thanks to some Get Well flowers.

Vincent Cardone sent the flowers to Sebastian after he had knee surgery.

Cardone is working out of the country right now, so his wife, Debbie thought they were for her.

Then she read the card.

"Sebastian, feel better. You'll be back in the game soon. Love, Daddy."

So the Cardone's daughter posted the gesture on social media and the rest is history.

The family says they've been approached by a number of news outlets.

Even 1-800-Flowers.com got in on the viral sensation -- sending Sebastian special arrangements.





In short: Mr. and Mrs. Cardone's dog Sebastian had knee surgery. Mr. Cardone is out of town. Flowers arrive at Sebastian's home and Mrs. Cardone thinks they are for her but they are for Sebastian.  Get Well Flowers for the dog!! Mr. and Mrs. Cardone's daughter posts the funny event to her Facebook page and it is a big hit and goes viral.  1-800-Flowers sees the story and jumps on the bandwagon and sends more flowers to Sebastian.