Florida homeowner finds human remains in jars underneath home, police say

A Florida homeowner found several jars of human remains underneath her home, police said.

The Gainesville Police Department said that a homeowner had a contractor out to quote her for work she wanted to have done on her house. The person doing the quote went underneath to look for damage when he found gallon-sized plastic jars. Inside, he saw what looked like human remains, so he called the police.

Police responded and discovered that the homeowner's ex is a retired pathologist and researcher at the University of Florida and other universities. They said that the remains inside the jars were specimens from a research project that he did in Virginia. He reportedly brought the remains with him in hopes of continuing his research and they were stored underneath the house because it was a cooler place to keep them. However, he forgot about them after a number of years and has since divorced. His wife also forgot that they were underneath the home.

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Police said that one of the six to eight jars came from the University of Virginia and that according to the dates on the jars, the specimens were collected in the 1960s. Several of the jars had tongues inside, as the pathologist specialized in thyroids. No charges have been announced as police are waiting on medical examiner's to investigate. They are waiting to determine if any laws were broken, as laws about transporting medical specimens have changed since the 1960s.

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.