Florida police find 8-foot long boa constrictor near neighborhood

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An 8-foot snake was seen slithering around the entrance of a Florida neighborhood. 

On Sunday, Cape Coral police received an animal complaint and headed out to the intersection of Tropicana Parkway West and NW 29th Place. It was there they found a red-tailed boa constrictor.

Florida Fish and Wildlife was contacted and the long snake was taken into custody, but not before one of the police officers took a selfie with it, according to a Facebook post on the Cape Coral Police Department's social media account

Unfortunately, the snake died during transport, an FWC spokesperson told the News-Press.

"There is evidence the snake was very sick or injured," said Melody Kilborn with FWC.

She explained that the boa is not native to Florida, but are popular in the pet trade. It's possible it was someone's pet. 

According to FWC, the boa is native to Central and South America. They can reach up to 13 feet in length.