Florida Power and Light sends 1,350 to restore power after Michael

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Crews from Florida Power and Light left in a caravan and headed to areas hardest hit by Hurricane Michael Wednesday.

"We have a plan. We are well prepared in advance. We simulate scenarios such as these," said Jose Labrador.

More than 1,300 workers and contractors loaded up their trucks with everything they'll need to restore power to what could be hundreds of thousands of Panhandle residents.

"Our crews are closest to the areas that are impacted, making sure they have the equipment and resources," said Labrador. 

Once they arrive, crews will set up mini work cities. They'll be in place until the power comes back on, which could take hours, weeks, or longer. 

"Though they may not see us if there has been an impact to the area we are working to get their lights back on safely and as quickly as possible," said Labrador. 

Thursday morning, more crews with Florida Power and Light, based in Sarasota, will be leavingfor Jacksonville to help restore power.