Florida's Speaker of the House weighs in on immigration order

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Florida's new Speaker of the House, Richard Corcoran of Pasco County, is applauding President Trump's order on immigration.

"He's saying the first and foremost thing I am going to do is protect the American people."

But, his applause comes with a caveat.

While calling the action "bold," he also said it was time for the Federal government to improve the way it communicates with Florida over how it resettles refugees.

The Speaker's letter says it is time for a robust reexamination of the way the federal government works with states.

He is requesting a meeting with the president and his team.

He wants the Feds to allow FDLE access to its database of potential refugees and to allow the state to help with screening those slated to come here.

"We are looking for a robust discussion on asserting state's rights and our ability to do those things for our citizens which we are uniquely capable to do far better than the Federal government."

The Speaker says 1,200 refugees resettled in Florida in 2016 from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in 2016, and that FDLE received "no information about these individuals."

He also disputed the notion levied by protesters that refugees pose no potential threat.

He cited the head of the FDLE's intelligence unit, who told lawmakers last week that ISIS members have tried to sneak into western countries by posing as refugees.

He says it undercuts the argument that refugees have not yet participated in a deadly attack on Americans in the United States.

He said it was a, "terrible litmus test when you are talking about the safety of the American people."

"Give us all the possible tools you can to allow us to vet those people, and only let those in we believe are safe."