For science, researchers are paying people to eat avocados

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Several universities are teaming up to see if regularly eating avocados can reduce belly fat, and they are looking for people to eat the avocados as part of the study, and they will be paid for it.

Researchers are searching for 250 to participate, in which they will be assigned to one of two groups, at random. A test group will be given 16 avocados every two weeks and required to eat one avocado per day throughout the six-month study. Whereas, the control group will not be allowed to eat more than two avocados per month during the timeframe.

Participants must meet the following requirements:
- Be at least 25 years old
- Be willing to either eat one avocado per day for six months or eat only two avocados per month for the same period
- Measure at least 40 inches around the waist if they are male, or at least 35 inches around the waist if they are female.

At the end, all will be paid $300 each. Those in the control group will be given 24 avocados to enjoy. The schools conducting the study include: Loma Linda University, University of California at Los Angeles, Tufts University, Pennsylvania State University and Wake Forest University.

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