Forgotten Angels: Helping teens find success with love and care

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A duo has made it their life mission to help teenagers who have aged out of foster care find their way.

Founder Cindy Tilley and executive president David Tyler carry out this mission every day with their organization, Forgotten Angels. 

Forgotten Angels leads young adults down a path to success, helping teen boys fresh out of foster care adjust to life on their own. 

"They know that I care here," said Tilley. "That we care here, that this isn't just another stop, and they are going to move on to another house." 

Tilley and Tyler believe teens can grow and change through structure and love. "I want to see them achieve their best, but the best that they determine and that they decide," said Tyler. 

"There parents have failed them. The system has failed them and now they are looking at other people and wondering who's going to help them," continued Tilley. 

Cindy's dedication has a special meaning. She grew up in foster care. "I dodged a few bullets when I was growing up. Some of these kids haven't been as lucky, that's because they haven't had anyone to guide, and they have gotten in trouble." 

Forgotten Angels bought 12 acres to help support the teens, giving them a place of encouragement. 

"We want them to own their own businesses. We want them to be entrepreneurial. We want them to see a bigger vision than what they have seen before," said Tyler. 

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