Former member of US Women's soccer team celebrates World Cup victory

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No one is more thrilled about the U.S. Women's Soccer Team just winning the World Cup than one Land O' Lakes woman, who was on the winning team back in 1999.

Danielle Fotopoulos watched the game from home with her kids.

"I was jumping up and down. The boys were jumping up and down, high fiving," Fotopoulos told FOX 13.

What makes it even sweeter is the fact that it is the team's fourth World Cup win.

The win may be more than just a mention in the sports history books: it gives the team an international platform to speak out -- not just on sports.

One of the most controversial issues in soccer is the fact that male players are paid much more than their female counterparts.

Fotopoulos says the win gives the women's demands for higher pay more weight.

"It just kind of puts a stamp on it," she said. "We can do it, and we are the best in the world, and we deserve to get the pay."

During the game, supporters of the US team began chanting "equal pay" from the stands.

Earlier this year, the team sued the federation for gender discrimination.

One of the perks for winning a world championship is frequently an invitation to the White House. Megan Rapinoe, and outspoken team member, has said that she would not go.

Fotopoulos and her teammates did go to the White House to meet then-President Clinton, first lady Hillary Clinton, and their daughter Chelsea.

"I think it's an honor to go and be part of the leadership of our nation," Fotopoulos said.

Fotopoulos also says the win is a message to all young women.

"Winning four World Cups is inspiring to never give up," she commented.