Former pain clinic director returns to court as attorneys negotiate plea deal

Attorneys for a former pain clinic director in Tarpon Springs – accused of extorting a patient for sexual favors – are continuing to negotiate a plea deal.

Christopher Ferguson saw a judge Monday morning for a pretrial services hearing, and ultimately, he has another pretrial hearing set for August 29.

Ferguson was the operations director at Phoenix Medical Management, a pain management clinic in Tarpon Springs. Back in January, investigators said Ferguson called a female patient and told her she failed a drug screen, then threatened to withhold her medication, go to the police, and call child protective services, according to the Tarpon Springs Police Department.

That’s when Ferguson told his patient he could make the results go away if the woman performed a sexual act on him, detectives said.

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The patient recorded their phone call and went straight to the police. Detectives said the woman was terrified about losing her children and not getting the medication she needed.

Police said two others have come forward with similar allegations against Ferguson and police think there are more.

So now, the defense is trying to work out a resolution or plea that reflects all the cases and allegations.