Fort Valor: Veterans heal by coming together at new center

There's a new meeting place for veterans who are having trouble transitioning back into civilian life, like Chris Hill. 

"When I was in Afghanistan, a mortar round impacted my tent about 15 feet away from me," recalled Chris, who suffers from brain damage and  PSTD caused by the trauma of war.  "I had blood, my ears, my eyes, my depth perception was completely off." 

Chris left the Army after serving for more than four years. The separation from his band of brothers has left him feeling alone. 

"You go through deaths, you go through weddings, you go through childbirth and then they are all gone practically overnight." 

But thanks to Fort Valor, a new veterans recreational community center, things are now changing for Chris. The center was started earlier this year in Tarpon Springs by Allie Sakezles to give veterans a place to meet and socialize. 

"There's so many vets that need a place like this and there isn't one," she explained.

They can also get help with social services, or just hang out. 

"I'm hoping they get the sense of camaraderie again of being with their brothers and sisters," Allie continued.

"It’s like having the extension of my family back,” Chris added.

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