Found urn returned to friend of deceased

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A couple on the hunt for a new home made found a man's cremated remains left behind at a foreclosed home, sending them on a search for friends or family of the deceased.

On Saturday, they were able to reunite the remains with the man's only remaining friend at his death.

Kimberly Hower and her husband found the makeshift urn on the ground outside a mobile home on Kiowa Drive with a cremation certificate reading "Steve J. Reed."

Hower searched the name on Google, leading her to his obituary from December 24, 2005, at 59-years-old. 

She also found Sister Elizabeth Calehuff, a nun who befriended Reed during his final years. 

On Saturday, 11 years to the day of his death, Reeds remains were returned to Elizabeth Calehuff, who now lives in an assisted living facility.

Hower visited Calehuff, who was foreclosed upon while recovering from a broken hip. She said she could not return to gather her things, including Reed's remains.

Calehuff said she and Reed ran a local ministry and often fed the hungry.