Foundation helps ease fears of high-risk pregnancy

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A high-risk pregnancy can be scary and stressful for expectant mothers. Many wind up spending a good deal of time on bed rest.

A Tampa mother who experienced her own high risk pregnancy created an outreach program to help pregnant women get through those difficult months.

It's called the High Risk Hope Foundation. Heather Barrow came up with the program while on bed rest for nearly 60 days, pregnant with her son.

"Every day I was worried about whether or not my son would survive," said Barrow.

The foundation puts together gift bags for expectant mothers with high-risk pregnancies to help ease their anxiety while they are on hospital bed rest.

The bags include adult coloring books, magazines and a journal, so the women can keep track of medical information they receive from doctors and nurses. The baskets also include a calendar with photos of babies who have gone from high risk to healthy to show these women that there is hope.

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