Free coding program for Hillsborough County adults

At a time when a lot of his peers are retiring, 64-year-old Paul Corrao is launching a new career in coding.

"I was in the telecom industry. I've always had an interest in coding", said Corrao. "I saw this opportunity with LaunchCode and I took it."

LaunchCode is a free program teaching job seekers how to code. It's part of Hillsborough County's Entrepreneur Collaborative Center. 

"They're helping us fill that gap of creating tech talent in Hillsborough County," said Lynn Kroesen, the manager of the center.

"They have a training program and an apprenticeship program and I took advantage of both. I went to the training program and I learned the coding and then I applied to the apprenticeship program," said Corrao.

He's now working at Sagitec Solutions, a software company. The program is a big benefit to the community.

"Keeping those individuals here in Tampa and they're getting jobs with our local technology companies. They're not having to go outside of the community and locate their businesses or identify talent they can find them right here within the launch code program," said Kroesen.

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