From jewelry to glassware, the creations from this St. Pete glass studio shine bright

St. Petersburg has taken on the role as the "glass coast," and one studio helps the area shine even brighter. Inside Zen Glass Studio, art shines.

David Walker, co-owner of Zen Glass Studio, told FOX 13 the business is a premiere-lamp working and hot glass facility. He said there's always something cooking in the studio. In fact, they are usually manipulating and creating glass art under fire between 3,200 to 3,500 degrees. 

"People are really into experiences, more than buying physical things," Walker said. 

While he has been perfecting his art for quite some time he enjoys sharing his passion with others. 

"St. Pete has attracted artists for a long time," he explained. "You have to be in the ‘here and now.' You have to be present." 

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Most of the projects at Zen are known as lamp working or torch working. Walker explained it is not an art form that you can start and finish later. 

Often, with the medium, once a project is started you can't stop until it is completed. Plus, "You can't always control the outcome. You're just kind of going along for the ride and enjoying it," Walker said.

There are glassblowing classes of all levels, group and private lessons and a shop where some interesting works can be purchased. 

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