From makeup to music, businesses offer services online to help you stay busy

Many folks are spending a lot of time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has proven difficult for some who need to stay busy.

But there are ways to pass the time -- and ways to help one another out.

Bay Area businesses are using social media to bridge the gap caused by social distancing.

Scorch Fitness in Sarasota has gone virtual.

They've taken their weekly and monthly training schedule to the masses. Anyone, not just members, can log in and work out.

“We really wanted to make sure our members of our gym could stay consistent with their programs,” Scorch Fitness co-owner and founder Liz Lowe said. “Sticking with your routine is so important, especially your health and fitness routine, because it’s gonna help with symptoms of anxiety and depression, the fear of the unknown.”

Music Compound in Sarasota wants to ease those concerns, as well.

Music Compound is offering free video classes for all ages. It’s like having private lessons in your home, via Zoom, and owner Jenny Townsend calls it a win-win.

“Let’s just figure out how we can get back to the community and keep you working,” Townsend said. “We thought about it why don’t we offer free music classes during the day.”

For those not considered essential employees at their regular job, and not able to work right now, like hair and makeup stylist Brandie Goleno, she's helping others with makeup tips and tutorials, to pass the longest days.

“I just kind of started doing a Youtube channel to give some of my tricks, to help everyone at home because we are all bored,” Goleno said. “My passion has always been about making others feel beautiful so it’s been really important to me to make other women feel as comfit end as I would want to be.”

And if you're looking for a video on how to cut your own hair, Goleno has this advice: “I know everyone is really desperate right now, but wait! Because you will spend more money fixing your own hair.”

While many of these businesses are eager to get back to some normal workflow, they say they do see the benefit of having online classes and resources available to customers and they plan to continue some of this in the future.