From Riverview garage, veteran crafts unique teak gifts

Bogan Fine Woodworking is based out of owner Joe Bogan’s garage in Riverview. He started the business in 2020 but has been working with wood for more than a dozen years.

Joe is a Marine veteran, enlisting shortly before the September 11 attacks in 2001. He served five years with two combat deployments in Iraq.

Joe uses teak wood to make his cutting boards and charcuterie trays.

"There’s just so many great natural differences in every piece of teak. I’ve come to realize there’s really no way to make the same thing twice. Every single product is coming out completely different," he offered.

Early on in his business venture, Joe realized he wanted to give back to nature. With every board he sells, Joe works with a separate organization and has a tree planted.  

Bogan Fine Woodworking also has the ability to engrave boards and trays. Joe offers free shipping on every purchase and includes board oil to maintain the trays and help make them last.



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