From Tampa, pot for pets goes worldwide

Medical marijuana is a growing business for humans, and it's also going to the dogs.

"These treats contain sometimes CBD and always contain hemp seeds and hemp oil that we bring in from Canada," explained Michael Scott, the president of UUNetWorldBrands.

The Tampa manufacturer is getting in the global business of hemp pet products. 

"We run about 270,000 treats a day here in Tampa at one of our two plants,” said Scott.

Scott said the treats have multiple benefits. 

"A lot of the products are dealing with calming, anxiety, pain relief. Everything we make is nutritional or beneficial to the pet.”

Because these aren't human supplements, the FDA doesn't regulate them. But he assures customers that pets won't get the high associated with illegal marijuana.

"Our CBDs have no THC in them, so there's no psychoactives,” he insisted.

In fact, he says he's used it for his own pet.

"To get the dog on the plane, we actually used our calming treats," added Scott.

Pet owners are advised to consult with their veterinarians before trying new products. 

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