Gator Golf Adventure Park's new employee swept off her feet by alligator's massive tail

A new employee at Orlando's Golf Gator Adventure Park discovered the hard way just how strong an alligator’s tail can be. 

The employee, who normally works in the gift shop, was accompanied by performing animal wrangler Michael Womer, known as The Gator Crusader.

In a video released by the park, Womer and the employee both touch the alligator's tail as it faces away from them.

End-to-end, the gator appears at least 7 feet long.

Womer touches the reptile first, and the employee leans down and puts her hand near Womer's on the tail.

The gator seems unbothered by the encounter for a few seconds, but then swiftly swings its tail away from Womer and toward the employee.

The tail is so large and so strong, it sweeps the woman completely off her feet and she falls to the ground.

“He was TRYING to knock her down,” Womer said of the alligator. “I am leaning back trying to give him space and lightly picking that annoying algae off him when she leans into his personal space and pats and grabs his tail!”

Womer said he has worked training alligators for over 28 years and said it’s important to read and understand the animal’s body language.