Gay couple receives hateful anonymous letter

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ST PETERSBURG - A gay couple claims they were harassed by a possible Trump supporter.

A letter with no name or return address was sent to their home in St Petersburg on Saturday. The letter, addressed to the "Resident Dolts," criticized both their politics and their sexuality.

"I take it as a threat," said John Gascot, who shares a home with his boyfriend, Ron Diana.

The first line of the letter read, "Hey, Dumbass - the election is over."

It went on to detail how Republican legislators swept most of the state elections and Hillary Clinton's defeat to President-elect Donald Trump.

At the time, the couple still had their "Clinton-Kaine" campaign poster standing in the front yard.

"I was just like, you know, they can sit there for a little bit. It's my lawn," said Gascot.

The anonymous letter continued, "You still advertise as if you are ignorant of developments, but that's not surprising for the community known 'gay house.'"

The couple proudly flies a rainbow flag beside their garage door.

"That was the more upsetting part," said Gascot. "Clearly it's not just about the election. You're a bigot for other reasons, and you're targeting us. You're using the election to target us."

Last week a gay-friendly church in St Petersburg was also targeted. Someone drew a swastika on the sidewalk in front of King of Peace Metropolitan Church with the acronym for Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."

"Obviously this election has emboldened people to be this way," said Ron Diana.

The couple was disturbed by some of the specific details about their home and their habits included in the letter.

The last paragraph read, "You encourage us how to vote, but you can't figure out garbage day or when to turn off the porch light. Isn't it time to decorate for Christmas through February? Dumbass!"

They said they believe the sender may live nearby.

The couple filed a report with St Petersburg Police on Sunday, but they said they will not allow the harassing letter to cause them to live in fear.

They said they've gotten support from so many people online after posting the letter that they plan to hold a gathering at their home to show the sender they are not alone.

"We're going to just make sure that we're vigilant for each other and let people know, this is not okay in our neighborhood, It's not welcome," said Gascot.

Gascot is encouraging local LGBTQ supporters to fight back by volunteering with Equality Florida. He is organizing an upcoming LGBTQ youth art program.