Georgia Tech student's low-tech way he got a high-tech internship

College students entering the marketplace can find it a daunting task to stand out among all the candidates, but for one student it only took some Post-it Notes.

An enterprising Georgia Tech student was so close to a Fortune 500 company he wanted to get an internship with, he could see them from his apartment window. Gursimran Singh, a second-year computer science major, has a front-row seat to the world headquarters of NCR in Midtown Atlanta. Singh used his proximity to his advantage, albeit in a low-tech, but extremely creative way.


(Georgia Tech)

“HIRE ME” and a smiley face in gold Post-It Notes met executives and employees at the industry-leading company in point-of-sale technology for retail and hospitality who would look out their corporate windows across Spring Street.


(Georgia Tech)

It didn’t take long for responses to go up. “EMAIL?” and “DEV?” quickly appeared across the street from Singh’s apartment.


(Georgia Tech)

Singh posted his email covering nearly all of his floor-to-ceiling bedroom windows.

“I spent a lot on sticky notes, but it looked pretty cool,” Singh said.


(Georgia Tech)

The conversation then went paperless

“I was contacted by a few people, including the vice president of IT,” Singh said. “They asked me to send my resume, so I did.”

Georgia Tech said Singh met with NCR’s University Relations Leader on campus and his name has found its way onto the elite list for summer internship interviews at NCR.

Georgia Tech contributed to this report