Gift baskets bring holiday joy to isolated seniors

With COVID-19 keeping seniors isolated, the Centre for Women is helping them have a merrier Christmas by providing a very special present. Their gift of love is what's right with Tampa Bay.

Workers at the Centre For Women are doing extra duty, putting together gift baskets for seniors. 

"We thought this would uplift everyone for the holidays, especially during the COVID pandemic right now," said Gena Burrage, operation manager for Centre for Women. "Where maybe families can't visit them. So, we wanted to do something extra."

They call the effort The Graceful Holiday Basket Campaign.

"I talked with our board president and said, instead of our board party this year, what do you think if we did a basket campaign so that we can spread a little cheer?" said Anna Maden, executive director for the Centre.

The baskets are filled with holiday cheer.

"We have some nice snacks. We have some cookies, candies, Christmas candies. We have some biscotti for them. Even a one-pan sugar cookie so that they can make a cookie for themselves," explained Burrage.

This is the first year for the program.

"We thought that we would get 15 baskets but we ended up with 32 and we had to stop the donations collections because we have to get them passed out," Burrage said.

Their goal is to let homebound seniors know that someone cares.

"People who get these baskets are typically those who are alone and don't have anyone with them for the holiday. So, they are overjoyed and just thrilled," said Madsen.

The Centre hopes to continue providing seniors with that thrill of a merry Christmas.