Good Samaritans help lift truck that ran over bicyclist in Tampa

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A man is recovering after he was run over by a pick-up truck while riding his bike Thursday. 

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the 35-year-old cyclist was crossing the intersection at 127th Ave. and Nebraska Ave., when a pick-up truck failed to make a complete stop at the crosswalk. 

The pick-up truck collided with the cyclist and trapped him underneath the bed of the truck.
Witnesses said the driver was panicking and jumped out of his car to help the man he had hit.

"In the split of the moment, you really, you just don't have time to think and it's, more or less, you think as a decent human being would. You want someone to do that for you and my answer is yes," said Jeshua Rosado, who works at Tampa Well Drilling, on Nebraska Ave.

Rosado and two of his colleagues grabbed a floor jack from the shop and used it to lift the pick-up truck off the cyclist.

"The gentleman that ran him over was pretty upset he was running around the truck yelling, 'Oh my God, I can't believe I killed the guy.' That's what he assumed at first because it looked pretty bad," said Dave Van Dyke.

FHP is investigating the crash and said charges against the driver are still pending.

The victim remains at Tampa General Hospital, where officials said he is in "fair condition."