Goodwill gets rid of clown costumes ahead of Halloween

The creepy clown craze is no laughing matter to Suncoast Goodwill stores— they are no longer selling clown costumes or clown paraphernalia this Halloween.

"Due to the fact that multiple law enforcement agencies are suggesting that people avoid dressing like clowns for their own safety, we feel that this move is in the best interest of the communities we serve," said Brad Steffan, Director of retail Operations for Goodwill-Suncoast stores.

He says employees will be available to help people put together another kind of costume.

The creepy clown phenomenon has swept across the county. People are dressing up as clowns and doing some pretty weird, even potentially dangerous stuff.

In Largo, a guy dressed as a clown chased a teen girl at a bus stop. She was shaken up, but not hurt.

In Pasco County, someone posted threatening comments about a local high school on the Twitter account, "Ain't Clownin' Around."

In Sarasota, home to hundreds of circus performers, the high school just announced that from now on, no one will be allowed to wear a clown outfit to a school event.

Even with all the attention being given to creepy clowns, inevitably some people are going to dress as clowns for Halloween. So how do you know who might not be on the up and up? 

A spokesman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says, “Even if you feel only slightly uncomfortable with someone dressed as a clown, speak up.”

"If you see something, say something," said Larry McKinnon.