Governor Scott signs animal abuse law

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Connie Johnson is elated. As a life-long advocate for animals, she watched as Florida’s governor signed Ponce’s Law Thursday.

Ponce’s Law stiffens the penalties for animal abusers and empowers judges to prohibit them from ever owning an animal again.

“I think that when people finally figure out that they’re gonna go to jail, that they can’t get away with this anymore, it will make a difference,” said Johnson, who now is with the SPCA of Florida.

Polk Sheriff Grady Judd is thrilled, as well.

“We’ll protect animals that need to be protected. We’ll hold accountable people who need to be held accountable,” Judd commented. “And I am excited about that.”

Ponce’s Law is named after a Labrador Retriever who was beaten to death on the east coast last year.

His owner, Travis Archer is awaiting trial.