Graham continues push to declassify Sept. 11th secrets

Fourteen years after Osama Bin Laden struck the Pentagon and World Trade Center, the United States government is still keeping information about the September 11th attacks secret.

Former Florida governor and U.S. Senator Bob Graham co-chaired the congressional investigation into the attacks.  But 28 pages of the final report have been classified. Only a few members of Congress have read the classified section of his report.

"Without exception, when they have put down the 28 pages, their reaction has been, 'I can't believe this has really happened,'" said Graham. He first spoke with us last year when FOX 13 investigated evidence of a terror support network in Florida.

Graham said those 28 pages have been classified by two administrations (Bush and Obama) because they show who helped Al Qaeda carry out the attacks. Though he can't discuss specifics, Graham claims the attacks were secretly supported and funded by the government of Saudi Arabia. And he suggests the administration may be keeping it secret to protect our oil interests, or our alliance with the Saudis.

"We provide them with security, and they supply us with a guaranteed source of petroleum," Graham said.

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson previously said he can speak to Saudi Arabia playing both sides without seeing the full report.

"I do not have to declassify the pages to tell you that the Saudi government and many other governments are quite duplicitous," said Nelson.  "It is a two-faced game, and this is particularly egregious with Saudi Arabia.

But some Republicans and Democrats in congress want us to read the full story behind September 11th for ourselves, and they are calling on the administration to declassify the documents.