Great white shark, Miss Costa pings off Sarasota coast

Miss Costa pinged off the coast of Sarasota the morning of April 1.

Miss Costa, a great white shark whose tracker pings off the west coast of Florida from time to time, is making her rounds in the Gulf of Mexico. 

April 1, 2019, Miss Costa's tracker was detected about 100 miles off the coast of Sarasota County. 

According to a tweet from Ocearch, the location is the same spot where Miss Costa turned around to head back south last year

From her own Twitter page, Miss Costa tweeted a map of her location with the caption "gulf life = pure bliss."

Miss Costa is a 12-foot 5-inch great white shark. She weighs about 1,700 pounds.

About two weeks before showing up near the Bay Area, Miss Costa was tracked along the Florida Keys.

Miss Costa is one of many sharks monitored by the Ocearch Global Shark Tracker, which shares real-time data as the sharks ping locations around the world.

Last week, Catherine the shark was swimming just a few miles off the coast of Cape Canaveral.

In January 2018, the shark named Savannah pinged just west of Pine Island in Hernando County as she headed north after swimming past St. Petersburg and Tampa. 

In May 2018, two sharks, Yeti and Hilton, spent some time off the east coast of Florida before circling around to the waters off Fort Myers. 

The sharks can be tracked online or on the Global Shark Tracker apps available for Apple and Android.