Group rescues abandoned dog from 'prison of her own fur'

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A dog dropped off at an animal shelter in Chicago, Illinois has been rescued from a "prison of her own fur" by an organization dedicated to the wellbeing of animals. 

The Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) is now telling the little canine's story, giving hope to animals and animal lovers the world over. 

TAF posted photos of the pup, now named Holland, on its Facebook page November 8, detailing the trauma the little girl went through to begin her healing process. 

"On September 27th, Holland was dropped off at an open-access shelter in deplorable condition," the Facebook post began. "Knowing that she needed immediate medical attention, TAF was called and we acted right away. Once in our care, we worked on trying to free Holland from the vice-like matted fur that encased her body."

Photos of Holland reveal her long, matted, dirt-brown fur hanging from her face, body, and tail. TAF said some of the mats were three inches thick, forming a "shell-like casing of matted fur" over most of her body. 

"Holland’s matted ears dragged the ground and were at least 6 inches long," TAF wrote. "They should have been more like 2."

Holland had to be sedated to undergo surgical grooming.

Underneath, Holland's skin was inflamed and infected, so vets treated her with antibiotics and pain medication to help her heal from the inside out. 

She also underwent extensive mental healing, as well. She was not keen on human contact, likely due to the lack of care she suffered in the past. 

TAF credits Holland’s therapy dog, Miller for bringing her “out of her shell and bring a smile to her face."

So far, Holland's time with TAF gave everyone hope for her future, but the best news was the completion of her treatments and her ability to bond with a loving couple who now provide her forever home.

"After weeks of TLC, medical treatment, and emotional rehabilitation, we are so happy to announce that Holland has found her forever home!" TAF wrote on Facebook. "Holland immediately bonded with her new mom and dad and they were head over heels for her."

Photos of Holland with her new mom and dad reveal how happy she is.

Her shiny, white fur and her smile are proof there was an animal waiting to give and receive love under those mats and tangles.

TAF posted thanks to "everybody that donated towards Holland’s medical care and kept her in their thoughts and prayers," adding "this is a win for everyone!"