Gruden lends family name to fight cancer

Jon Gruden spoke at a news conference and dedication of the new room at Moffitt's McKinley Outpatient Center Thursday. 

"Cancer is tough, an emphatic," Gruden said. "I mean, it's a relentless opponent that won't seem to go away."

Now, doctors at Moffitt have a new space to plan their counter attack.  "Gruden's Huddle Room" will be a place where board members and doctors will 'huddle-up' and develop new ways to fight cancer.  

Gruden said the Huddle Room will be the epicenter of the newly opened, state-of-the-art facility at the University of South Florida.

The former Bucs coach explained what drew him to the project: "Got to know people that work here personally and I discovered how many people they save and help."

He was also encouraged to get involved by friend and Hall of Fame Coach Don Shula. Now, Gruden hopes to bring more big names to the fight. 

"Hopefully we create some awareness that Moffitt is hear and doing great things. If you can contribute in any way, we'd love to have your support. This is a tough opponent. If we got one percent closer to winning, I feel good about that," Gruden said. 

And for the Gruden family, cancer is a serious subject.

Jon's mother is a cancer survivor. His wife, Cindy has been a community volunteer for years at Moffitt and their son Michael returned from college to help with the entertainment.

It's a family dedication that will leave a lasting legacy.

"We are very honored to be able to do it and very humbled to be around people at Moffitt," Cindy Gruden said. "I wish more people knew how much they are pioneering. It's truly remarkable."