Gulfport group recruits hundreds to make cardboard masks with artistic twists

Gulfport residents are making artsy masks during the pandemic to place outside their homes.

The movement started when Debbie Stevenson made a cardboard mask and posted it on Facebook.

She got a positive response and neighbors started following suit.

Her Facebook group, Mask of Covid19 was born.

The group has over 500 followers and people have posted masks made in four different states and Canada.

Nearly 100 homes in Gulfport are taking part.

“It’s been such an organic, free-flowing, pure thing. The only thing I’ve done was put it on Facebook and then Gulfport took over,” says Stevenson.

Masks contain messages of support for medical workers, as well as simple words of disdain for COVID-19.

Stevenson says the masks are simply something to people feel better and get some creative juices flowing. 

“This is Gulfport. We want things that make people smile,” says Stevenson.