Haines City launches graveyard GPS helps find loved one’s final resting place

GPS is not just used for driving anymore in Haines City, which recently started using it in cemeteries to help families locate the right gravesite.

"We wanted a really simple format where they could come and locate their loved one," Haines City Mayor Morris West told FOX 13.

Those in search of a grave can put their phone up to a QR code, punch in a name, and the system takes them to the right spot.

"This is good for anyone who is not aware of where their loved one is buried," explained City Clerk Erica Anderson.

It might be especially helpful for someone who has not been to the grave for a while, or people coming from out of town, visiting their loved one for the first time.

The system even works if there is no headstone or marker. It takes the visitor to a spot, then indicates who should be buried to the left and to the right, so you can verify that you’re at the correct grave.

Right now, Haines City is using the system in Oakland and Forest Hill Cemeteries. The city plans to expand to its other two cemeteries soon.

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