Haines City officer reports himself for red-light violation

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An officer whose full-time job it is to review and issue red-light camera tickets issued one to himself last month.

Officer Tim Glover has worked for the Haines City Police Department for six years, much of it spent in charge of the city's red-light camera program. The cameras are placed at 13 intersections in the city limits.

In September, Glover says he didn't even notice he'd turned left just after his arrow turned red. He came across his own incident while he was reviewing possible violations sent by the red-light camera operator a few weeks later. He explained that at the time, he was watching traffic in the lanes going straight and followed the truck in front of him without noticing the light had turned.

Glover says he knew it wouldn't be right to cut himself a break.

"I could have easily hit the reject button and probably nobody would have known but me and God you know but I'm not that type of person," said Glover.

So he told his supervisor about the violation, had him officially sign the ticket and paid the $158 fine.

Glover's boss, Jay Hopwood says Glover's honesty reflects his professionalism.

"It just goes to show his integrity and the honesty that goes with about 35-36 years of law enforcement experience," said Jay Hopwood, Haines City police chief.

Glover says his own mistake is a reminder to always stay distraction free while driving. He says he won't do it again.

"I don't plan on giving the city any more money any time soon," Glover said.