Head lice removal business is booming

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Best friends Abigail and Bella do everything together, but when one started scratching her head, the other wasn't too far off. 

Families around the country are dealing with the same problem - a strain of head lice being called "super lice." As kids go back to school, parents and doctors are scrambling to find a fast, effective solution to this itchy problem.

"It felt really itchy and it was so annoying," Bella said, describing how the head lice felt. 

Abigail added, "It is really awkward knowing that you have it, because you think, 'I have grown out of it,' but that's not possible."

But instead of reaching for an over-the-counter product, their parents turned to the Hair Fairy Godmother, aka Jessica Vasquez.

Vasquez said lately, business is booming.

"Normally I get a few calls a day, but I'm getting 15 calls a day. I have to turn people away because I can't do that many," she said.

Vasquez doesn't wear a pair of wings, but she comes armed with her lice comb and an all natural approach to removing the pesky bugs.

"The base that I use is coconut oil. There is other stuff in it, but it's not essential oils. No chemicals. I do a comb out method, strand-by-strand. Do the whole head until it's completely clear," she said.

Vasquez shares a theory with many health professionals on why older kids are getting lice more often. She thinks it could involve selfies and how close their heads are getting to one another.

"Clients would be like, 'Oh, my daughters are taking selfies all the time.'" Vasquez said. "My daughter is too, and so are all of her friends. That is an easy way to get it."

Her advice to parents is to keep a close eye on children's scalps and let them know about the potential for a selfie to result in an infestation.

"Do a weekly check on your kids' head, even if they are a teenager, because that way, if they do get it, you can catch it in time before it becomes out of control or an infestation," she said.

If you do spot them, get on them right away.

"There are so many lice companies out there that people should check into. That should be your first resort. It's going to save you time, money and give you a guarantee," she said.

For more information, visit http://www.hairfairygodmother.com/.