High school students give back by giving blood

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When the OneBlood truck comes to Northeast High School in St. Petersburg, 16-year-old Hailey Daniele doesn't hesitate to donate.

"This is my second time giving blood," said Daniele.

"High school students as a group are our largest donor group," said Dan Eberts of OneBlood.

Students say it's not the adults telling them to do this. This is something they want to do.

"I get satisfaction out of knowing that I'm helping other people especially since I know of cancer and survivors and stuff like that who have needed blood transfusions in the past," said student Santana Cordova.

"I just feel the need to go out and do everything I can to help people", said Daniele.

"We get great blood donations from these kids and hopefully get them in the habit of giving making it a lifetime decision to give for their health and for the health of the community," said Eberts.

For information on OneBlood and how to donate https://www.oneblood.org/donate-now/