Hillsborough Co. considers traffic ticket fee hike

Hillsborough County is considering adding a $10 surcharge to traffic tickets.

The surcharge is already $20, and making it $30 would make it the maximum allowable under state law.

The city says it plans to use the extra revenue to help pay back a $20,000,000 bond. 

Anything left over would help with court costs.

"People typically complain when fees go up," said consumer attorney Billy Howard. "Guess what? If you are breaking the law, and it costs you more if you are breaking the law, that kind of seems fair."

Hillsborough deputies wrote about 41,000 tickets in 2017, while Tampa Police wrote about 46,000. 

With all agencies included, the county expects to take in between $1 million to $1.5 million.

A public hearing will be held on August 1.