Hillsborough Co. transportation tax will go to Florida Supreme Court

The future of the Hillsborough County transportation tax his uncertain as two new appeals question the tax's validity. However, this time it's up to the Florida Supreme Court to make the final decision.

The appeals ask the Florida Supreme Court to eliminate the tax altogether. Meanwhile, the legal battles come at a cost to taxpayers and put planned roadway projects on hold.

Back in November, voters approved of a one-cent tax increase to fund fixing things like broken sidewalks and congested highways, and to address the lack of public transportation options. 

The judge in a previous court battle said the tax was legal, but appeals will send the decision to the state's high court.

Hillsborough County Commissioner Stacy White has been working to get the tax - which voters approved last year - thrown out.

"It wasn't just a tax that was presented to the voters this past November. It was a complete package. A staggering amount of that package has proven to be unconstitutional," said Commissioner Stacy White.

The group All For Transportation proposed the tax and believes getting rid of it now would be a waste of citizens' money.

"We're all paying this sales tax, and they expect a return on their investment. They want to see that money get put to good use," said Tyler Hudson, Chairman of All For Transportation. "To make government spend taxpayer dollars to defend what the people clearly wanted, I just don't think that's the right thing to do."

All For Transportation says appeals are obstructing important matters and the will of the voters.

"They said they're willing to invest in better transportation, and that's what they want. So politicians playing games in court are only meant to delay," said Hudson.

Commissioner Stacy White has requested his appeal to head straight to Florida's Supreme Court, to be heard along with the other appeal. Both sides are hopeful that the issue will be heard before the end of the year.