Hitting the road Memorial Day weekend? Here’s what AAA recommends to arrive safely

AAA is warning drivers who may have neglected their car's maintenance during the pandemic to have it inspected before hitting the road this Memorial Day weekend.

"Bad things can happen if your vehicle is not maintained," said Mark Jenkins, AAA spokesperson.

Jenkins says the number one thing drivers should inspect is their tires. He recommends using the quarter trick. That involves putting a quarter against the tread and if the top of George Washington’s head is visible- it’s time to get new tires.  

"You're driving down the highway and you have a blowout- that’s a recipe for disaster," Jenkins said.

Drivers also need to be able to stop and slow down. Brakes that make noise or vibrate should be inspected, according to AAA. Also, a car’s fluids and battery should be ready to go or drivers may not be going anywhere.

"AAA is expecting to rescue about 468,000 stranded motorists this weekend alone. Dead batteries are one of the key reasons for that," Jenkins said.

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Bay Area driver Robert McGarry says he won't be taking any chances.

"I make sure that my oil’s changed, my tires...I'm very cautious. I've had a car break down, so I'm very cautious about that," McGarry said.

AAA is expecting approximately 60% more drivers to hit the road this year compared to last year. 

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