Hometown Hero: Young girl's refreshing way of giving back

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Ten year old Brooke Woodside spends most of her free time doing what she does best: managing the Awesome Orange Drink Stand along the Pinellas Trail.

"This time we have orange juice, tea, cookies and hot chocolate- because it's really cold outside- and also fruit," explained Brooke.

Brooke attracts customers with her variety of goodies, but usually seals the transaction when she tells them her cause. Every cent she makes, Brooke donates to charity.

"It feels really good to help the community," said Brooke.

She runs a pretty tight operation, which is probably why her drink stand is such a success. She's already raised $2,500, and once she reaches $3,000, she plans on giving it all away to All Children's Hospital.

"I'm not surprised. She's always coming up with really great ideas like this," said Brooke's mom, Carissa Alinat.

Brooke even has two unpaid employees, her brother and a friend from school, who both cruise up and down the Pinellas Trail with walkie talkies looking for customers. And they radio back to Brooke with updates.

It's a tough job, running your own business and being in fifth grade, but it's no problem for Brooke. It's probably where she got the nickname, "The CEO".

"She's very good at managing, and she's pretty wise beyond her years," said Carissa.

And Brooke is always coming up with ideas to improve her business.
"We were gonna do a credit card machine, but we didn't think we should do that," said Brooke.

Brooke's excited about all of the attention her Awesome Orange Stand has received. She was featured in the newspaper and got a letter of recognition from a member of the Florida House of Representatives.

And she hopes her new title of Hometown Hero will help bring more business her way.