Hometown Heroes: Volunteer dedicates decades to Humane Society

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There's no shortage of love at the Humane Society of Pinellas, thanks to Jan Williams' kind heart and 21 years of service.

"I love what I'm doing. Just to talk about it could make me cry because it's a wonderful passion I have for animals," said Jan.

Jan volunteers at the animal shelter twice a week. Every Thursday she spends seven hours scrubbing and loving on her furry friends, helping to bathe up to 15 dogs in one day!

"We go home worn out, but really refreshed. It's a wonderful feeling," explained Jan.

She spends Saturdays walking and playing with the adoptable dogs while getting others ready to go on to their forever home. But Jan's kindness doesn't end there. She's got a soft spot for animals that need extra care and usually ends up taking them home.

"Most of the dogs I adopt are medical dogs. They all have a medical issue. The three that we have now all have medical issues because that's the kind I like to help. A lot of people don't. They want something different. My heart just goes out to those dogs," said Jan.

Jan can't imagine her life without the love of an animal and right now, her life is complete.

"They look up at you and give you a kiss on the mouth; I don't care if they kiss me on the mouth. That's my thank you for the day,” said Jan. “Then I go home and my dogs are all over me and they're sniffing and licking and it just makes my day; it really does. It makes my life full."

To find more about the shelter Jan volunteers for, visit: http://humanesocietyofpinellas.org/.