Honoring Black History: Women of Color Golf

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Clemmie Perry is teaching a young woman the ins and outs of golf, a sport she loves. But it's not just lessons. It's a movement.

Perry is the founder of Women of Color Golf.

"We started it because we wanted to be able to create a gateway and a pathway for minority women to enter the game," said Perry.

Coming from the corporate world, Perry knows the benefits that golf can have on a budding career.

"You would be able t have access and opportunity to people at executive levels," said Perry.

Her drive to be a trailblazer in the African American community comes from her grandmother and mother, who were both educators.

"My grandmother, Clemmie Ross James fought for equal pay for teachers back at a time when it was very segregated," said Perry. "My mother Doris Ross Reddick is the first to chair the school board in Hillsborough County."

She said her love of sports comes from her father.

"Charles Perry is one of the first African Americans to play professional basketball from Tuskegee," said Perry.

Perry herself also made a splash in Tampa's history.

"I was the first African American female for the city of Tampa to be a lifeguard for the West Tampa pool," said Perry.

Through Women Of Color Golf, Perry is combining her family's background of sports and education in hopes of leading other African American women to strive for more. She was even honored by the White House and former President Barack Obama with the Champions of Change award.

"They recognize ordinary citizens and various communities that are making a change and an impact to either improve their communities or the environment or the world." said Perry.

Perry hopes that through golf, the women coming behind her will be on course for bigger and better.

"I think my legacy will be and I would like for it to be that I changed other women's lives to help grow the game of golf and help with the diversity inclusion of minorities in golf." said Perry.

To find out more about Women of Color Golf, visit: http://womenofcolorgolf.org/women_of_color_golf_tampa_fl_clemmie_c_perry.html