Hooter's employee helps Hillsborough deputies take down suspect

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A Hooter's employee is being praised for jumping in to help deputies take down an unruly customer who was resisting arrest.

The take-down was caught on surveillance video at the Hooter's Restauarant on Adamo Drive in Brandon August 13th.

Hillsborough County deputies say they were called to the restaurant because the customer was angry he would not be served alcohol and he was asked to leave the property.

Deputies say the customer threatened to kill an employee and when deputies arrived, the suspect, identified as Ashton Tony, 23, slapped a deputy, which prompted deputies to try to arrest him.

Toney became combative, deputies say, and the Hooter's employee who was standing by, James Nolte, leaped onto the suspect to help deputies take the suspect down as the confrontation began to escalate.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says it's thankful for the employee's assistance, and says he helped deputies bring the suspect under control without anyone getting injured.