Hopeful messages fill new sculpture at Harvest Hope Park

A new piece of artwork was erected in north Tampa Monday, bringing a message of hope with it.

Local artist Junior Polo created the sculpture for the University Area Community Development Corporation's Harvest Hope Park.

The art piece consists of bright, colorful letters, constructed from treated wood and polyester resin, spelling out the word “HOPE.”

Organizers collected written letters of hope from the community and inserted them into the "O," which is shaped like a heart.

A similar sculpture -- LOVE -- already stands in front of the University Area CDC's main building on 22nd Street. HOPE is the second part of what the park calls "creative place-making."

Letters are sealed and weatherproof. When, and if, the sculpture ever comes down, the written letters of hope will be revealed.

“It is an honor for me to work on this project. This project is a sign of what the University Area CDC is for the University Area. HOPE is what this organization means in this community," says Polo.

Harvest Hope Park is located at 13704 N. 20th St in Tampa. The park will reopen July 6.